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Art: Painting & Drawing

Dmitry Samarov: HACK: Pictures from a Cab


Opens Friday Oct 14, 2011 (6–10pm)

Oct 15, 2011 – Nov 19, 2011

Saturdays (noon–5pm)


Lloyd Dobler Gallery

1545 W Division St





A cab driver by trade, Dmitry Samarov is an artist and writer when he is not driving. Coinciding with his book release from University of Chicago Press, Hack: Stories from a Chicago Cab, Lloyd Dobler presents Hack: Pictures from a Chicago Cab. Some of Samarov's watercolors capture the quiet moments of driving a cab, a rainy day in a lot filled with parked taxis. Text accompanies other works, giving an idea of what it's like to pick up drunks late at night. Check out Samarov's blog, Hack, for a taste of the exhibition or follow him on Twitter where he occasionally tweets from the road.

Abraham Ritchie, Flavorpill